About me…

I’m a restless mind, always searching for new projects or new techniques to learn and use on my daily life.  I’m a handmade lover, I very much like to work with my hands, from sewing to carpentry. As my environmental awareness has grown I have been learning more and new ways to be more respectful and friendly with our beautiful planet. I’m also a sea lover and a passionate diver, probably because of this endless curiosity of mine.

I’m a professional graphic designer with over 5 years’ experience working for different companies and agencies -if you are a designer yourself you know how crazy life is this one. 

During the course of my career I have met great people and better artists, I have done all type of projects, work with a huge range of providers and collaborate in different projects;  I’m passionate about branding, I just love taking care of a brand aesthetic and details that make it different. 

I’m looking for fresh opportunities that make me jump of bed every morning and smile to the day ahead. A place where my colleagues are as happy and keen to develop a project as I am. I want to feel that every detail counts, that nothing is left to fate. I want to work for a motivating cause.

Do you have an awe-inspiring project to work on?  Are you looking for a creative dreamer?
Stop looking and reach me out! 

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E-mail: urbananuk[at]gmail.com
Phone: [0034] 615 761 336